• The Exhaust Only Back Return (EOBR) hood model is an exhaust only hood coupled with external Back Return Plenum. The EOBR hood is an effective way to introduce make-up air into the kitchen from the rear of the hood. This is done through a back return plenum, where the air is directed through perforated panels behind and below the cooking equipment without affecting the capture and containment of effluents, cooking surface temperatures or pilot lights. The back return plenum also doubles as a backsplash panel and provides the proper clearance to combustibles needed in many installations.

  • Standard Hood Widths: 42”, 48”, 54”, 60”
  • Standard Hood Lengths: One-piece construction from 4’ through 16’
  • Standard Hood Heights: 24” & 30”
  • Material Types: 430 & 304 Stainless Steel or Aluminized Steel
  • Non-listed sizes and alternative materials are available
  • UL Listed pre-wired incandescent lights
  • UL classified Aluminum Baffle type grease filters
  • Full crate and packaging
  • 100% freight allowed pricing
  • Larkin Industries constructs the EOBR hood of heavy gauge materials, and employs a solid welded standing seam construction
  • Construction techniques and strict quality control measures ensure a top quality end product that is built to provide years of trouble free service
  • The BR plenum (field installed) features a fully boxed construction with integral perforated mixing plates to ensure even, low-velocity air discharge across the bottom of the plenum
  • External BR plenum (field installed) is factory insulated and tested to UL723 Standards to impede condensation from forming
  • The BR plenum is available in one-piece construction up to 10’, plenums over 10’ will be constructed in two pieces for easier handling and installation
  • The Model EOBR is built in accordance with: NFPA96, ETL listed and tested to UL710 Standards, and approved by the NSF


  • The use of heavy gauge materials and construction techniques result in an end product that is more rigid and easier to install
  • Superior airflow rates: This hood model operates at the lowest exhaust CFM to reduce the amount of space conditioning needed and reduce the volume of make-up air needed
  • Up to 90% of the system’s required make-up air can be introduced through the external BR plenum
  • The design of the External BR plenum does not impede capture and containment of cooking effluents
  • The BR external supply plenum (field installed) discharges make-up air below the cooking equipment in a low velocity manner that does not disturb gas equipment pilot lights
  • The External BR plenum (field installed) doubles as integral back standoff to comply with clearance to combustibles and as stainless wall splash panels
  • The EOBR hood is recommended for most cooking applications from light to extra heavy cooking loads
  • 100% freight allowed pricing guarantees you will never see freight bills

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