• The Tri-Flow (TF) hood model is a compensating canopy style hood. This hood model uses flush mounted face registers to introduce make-up air directly into the kitchen space. A unique feature of the TF hood is the perforated end panels that allow a portion of the make-up air to fall from the ends, lowering the velocity of the face registers. Tempered make-up air may be required in colder climates.

  • Standard Hood Widths: 50”, 56”, 62”
  • Standard Hood Lengths: One-piece construction from 4’ through 16’
  • Standard Hood Heights: 24” & 32”
  • Material Types: 430 & 304 Stainless Steel or Aluminized Steel
  • Non-listed sizes and alternative materials are available
  • UL Listed pre-wired incandescent lights
  • UL classified Aluminum Baffle type grease filters
  • Full crate and packaging
  • 100% freight allowed pricing
  • Larkin Industries constructs the TF hood of heavy gauge materials, and employs a solid welded standing seam construction
  • Construction techniques and strict quality control measures ensure a top quality end product that is built to provide years of trouble-free service
  • The TF hood design features face mounted adjustable registers and perforated end panels to introduce up to 90% of the system’s required make-up air
  • The Model TF is built in accordance with: NFPA96, is ETL listed and tested to UL710 Standards, and approved by the NSF


  • The use of heavy gauge materials and construction techniques result in an end product that is more rigid and easier to install
  • The TF hood is shipped complete with no external plenums to install
  • The perforated end panel design reduces the velocity of make-up air being delivered through the front registers to improve kitchen comfort
  • The make-up air is introduced in a way that allows a portion of the make-up air to spill from the perforated end panels. This limits the throw to within a few feet of the hood allowing the make-up air to be re-exhausted and reduce the HVAC load of the kitchen
  • Make-up air is discharged in a manner that does not interfere with capture and containment of the kitchen hood system and does not impede cooking operations below the hood
  • The TF hood is recommended for most cooking applications from light to heavy cooking loads
  • 100% freight allowed pricing guarantees you will never see freight bills

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