• The FPSP (front perforated supply plenum) is designed to be mounted on the face of the canopy hood and can be used to introduce tempered or un-tempered make-up air into the kitchen. A unique perforated V-shaped balancing plate mounted inside the collar ensures the make-up air is evenly distributed along the full face of the hood. The FPSP introduces make-up air in a way that allows most of the make up air to flow down the full length of the hood face and into the capture area. This plenum enhances the capture and containment function of the hood while allowing some the make up air to be re-exhausted; this not only improves kitchen comfort, but also reduces the HVAC load of the kitchen. The FPSP is built from stainless steel and constructed in one piece up to 16’ long. Side perforated supply plenums are also available.

  • 430 stainless steel construction
  • Standard plenum width is 12” or 16”
  • Standard plenum height is 6”
  • Unique V-shaped balancing plate mounted in supply collar (ensures even air distribution along the full face of the hood)


  • Easy to install
  • Integral self balancing plates establish even air distribution, this eliminates areas of concentrated high velocity air along the hood face that robs hood performance
  • Make-up air is evenly directed in to the capture area to promote the capture and containment function of the system
  • Directing the make-up air into the capture area improves energy efficiency by recycling the air

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