• Larkin’s third generation Auto Fan Control System (AFC) is a ETL listed, self-contained, full feature kitchen fan control center equipped with demand-controlled ventilation (DCV) technology. The AFC-DCV system was designed specifically for compliance to the IMC and ASHRAE 90.1 codes which requires the automatic activation and interlock of the exhaust and makeup air systems and certain energy efficiency requirements. The system can turn down as low as 30% and will automatically lock out makeup air tempering below the 50% threshold to maintain proper makeup air unit function. The Larkin AFC-DCV is designed for easier installation, less maintenance, and reliable performance. The newly redesigned system operates from a digital microprocessor control; its architecture is optimized for the continuous measurement of real-world analog signals from hood mounted temperature sensors and on-board differential pressure sensors. the microprocessor uses an advanced smart logic model and multiple sensor inputs to determine the state of cooking under the hood. It continually monitors inputs multiple times a second and adjusts the exhaust flow rates and makeup air to ensure full capture and containment while maintaining a balanced building pressure envelope. Unlike other systems available on the market that simply rely on preset start/stop temperature setpoints with static timers, the AFC-DCV’s advanced logic is capable of sensing and adjusting to temperature/pressure swings and can determine if the cooking equipment has been de-energized or just turned down to an idle state. This logic prevents unintended shutdowns, or the issue where some systems would shut down only to be re-energized by residual heat rise from de-energized cooking equipment. The microprocessor board is built with onboard means of field adjustment if needed. The temperature sensor is placed in the hood canopy for faster activation and easier cleaning. The control panel mounted differential pressure sensor is pre-wired and plumbed for easier field hookup and comes with an outside static pressure pick-up with flexible mounting options. The pressure control is recommended but can be turned off and allow the system to work based on proportional tracking of the exhaust and makeup air (output percentage of each fan is matched). The AFC comes standard with a light control circuit relay capable of a 15amps (approx. 1800watts) of power, two sets of 15amp spare dry contacts for auxiliary equipment control and one 120v circuit for shunt trip breaker activation in fire mode. The system is shipped completely pre-wired in a self-contained wall mounted stainless steel enclosure with hinged access. All components including VFD’s are conveniently located inside the 18”x26”x8” hinged stainless steel enclosure.

  • ETL Listed
  • Complies with IMC and ASHRAE Codes
  • Factory pre-wired, completely self-contained in a single 18x26x8 hinged stainless enclosure
  • Resistive color touchscreen controls for lights, fans, 100% exhaust override, manual MUA tempering lockout and settings with display for (system mode, fan output percentage, building pressure reading, MUA tempering lockout status and hood temperature)
  • Hood canopy mounted temperature sensor with high heat transfer coefficient (for faster fan activation and modulation sensitivity)
  • Microprocessor based controller with advanced logic flow continually adjusts exhaust and makeup air rates to maintain complete capture and containment and a balanced building pressure
  • True, fully modulating variable volume system with up to 30% turndown ratio and automatic and manual makeup air tempering lockout


  • Meets energy saving requirements set by multiple energy standards including ASHRAE 90.1
  • Easy to see and read resistive color touch screen display
  • The 100% exhaust fan override button in case of an unusual extreme smoke, grease, or steam flair up
  • Temperature sensor is mounted inside the hood canopy to allow for easier cleaning, faster activation, and increased sensitivity, this improves capture and containment and system reaction time
  • Soft start technology protects the fan motors and drives, extends equipment life, and reduces maintenance costs
  • Payback period can be as little as a year, some municipalities/agencies offer rebates for qualifying energy efficient systems using VFDs

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