• UL listed grease duct enclosure systems provide a listed and tested means of enclosing grease duct for zero clearance applications. Pyroscat Duct Wrap XL is the thinnest and lightest flexible wrap material available that passes the ASTM E 2336 test standard required by the 2006 IMC and NFPA 96 for reduced clearance enclosure materials used to provide 1 or 2 hour fire rating for kitchen exhaust ducts. When installed according to the manufactures instructions Pyroscat Duct Wrap XL is a UL listed grease duct enclosure system that will always pass inspections.

  • Thinnest and lightest material to pass the ASTM E 2336 test standard required by 2006 IMC and NFPA 96
  • Zero clearance to combustibles at any location
  • Contours easily to complex duct designs
  • Fully foil encapsulated for fast and clean installation
  • Contains 2000°F rated fibers for added safety margin
  • Contains no low temperature mineral or glass fibers
  • Listed for butt Joints on inside and outside layers - save labor, space, and material


  • Thin, light weight, fully encapsulated material for fast and easy installation
  • Extensive listings and detailed installation instructions for less hassle in the field
  • Listed for use of butt Joints on inside layer saving labor, space, and using less material
  • Wide variety of through penetration systems
  • Pre-fabricated UL listed grease duct access doors are available
  • Complete UL listed grease duct enclosure system can be shipped with the kitchen hood system saving time and trips to the job site

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