• The multi-stage extraction system uses a higher efficiency vortex filter along with a packed bead bed filter to remove 99% of all grease particles from 3 to 10 microns. This high efficiency filtration system is designed for heavy-duty grease applications and can also be used with solid fuel cooking appliances. The Vortex style primary filter removes large grease particles using centrifugal force. The secondary packed bead bed filter uses a ½-inch packed bead bed to remove the small particles of grease that cannot be removed by the first stage vortex filter. This multistage filter will reduce the amount of grease exhausted into the atmosphere and help maintain a clean kitchen ventilation system by capturing nearly all of the produced grease, at the front-end of the ventilation system.

  • UL 1046 Listed
  • NSF certified
  • Multi stage design
  • Solid aluminum construction
  • High efficiency capture (99% efficient at 3-10 microns)
  • Filter efficiencies verified by testing to ASTM F2519-2005 test standard


  • Reduced grease build-up on roof structure and less grease-soiled fans/roof areas
  • Periodic cleanings of duct and fans are made easier and can possible lengthen necessary cleaning intervals
  • In some cases, can eliminate the need for costly, downstream air purification systems
  • Reduces the risk of fires by mitigating the amount of grease build-up in the exhaust duct systems
  • In some cases, less grease being exhausted from the ventilation system may result in less odor and complaints from neighboring establishments

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