• The Vortex style filter is designed to use the power of centrifugal force. The filter creates centrifugal force by funneling air into individual vortex chambers in the filter. This motion forces the grease particles out of the air stream as they travel through the filter in a corkscrew like path. These filters provide an improvement in capture of grease particulates of more than 40% over the industry standard baffle filter. The vortex style baffle filter efficiencies are verified by testing to ASTM F2519-2005 test standard and are 51% efficient when capturing grease particulates as small as 3 microns in size.

  • UL 1046 Listed
  • NSF Certified
  • Welded aluminum construction
  • High efficiency grease capture
  • 51% efficiency when capturing particles at 3 microns
  • Filter efficiencies verified by testing to ASTM F2519-2005 test standard


  • Reduced grease build-up on roof structure and less grease-soiled fans/roof areas
  • Periodic cleanings of duct and fans are made easier and can possible lengthen necessary cleaning intervals

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