• The Larkin XUEF exhaust fan is an alternative to the aluminum spun up blast exhauster. The Larkin XUEF vent sets are UL705 or UL762 Listed for kitchen applications and are generally used in situations where higher static pressures or extra heavy cooking loads are present. Larkin’s backward inclined utility sets offer several advantages over typical kitchen exhaust fans including: higher operating efficiencies, non overloading horsepower curves, heavy gauge steel construction and extended life bearings and components.

  • UL 705 Listed
  • Flexible discharge options, the XUEF can be field adjusted to 16 different positions
  • Backward inclined, non-overloading centrifugal wheels
  • Spark resistant construction
  • High temperature/smoke control
  • Heavy duty Permatector coated steel construction
  • 1 year Fan Warranty
  • 3 year Motor Warranty


  • Heavy duty construction ensures years of reliable performance
  • Extended life bearings and weather covers reduce maintenance
  • Can be used in higher static applications than standard spun aluminum fans
  • Best fan warranty in the industry. These fans carry a 1 year fan and a 3 year motor warranty

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