• The Larkin XREB exhaust fan is a belt drive down-blast fan used in general clean air and type II applications (hood systems over non-grease/smoke producing equipment). These fans feature heavy gauge construction, advance motor cooling designs, integral bird screen, one-piece spun aluminum wind band, and have been tested and proven to provide years of reliable performance.

  • Sturdy spun Aluminum construction
  • Heavy gauge supports and bracing
  • Completely enclosed motor housing protects motor from air stream
  • Advanced motor cooling design with oversized breather tube
  • Heavy duty drives and belts that allow for field adjustment
  • Non-overloading backward inclined blower wheels
  • Pre-wired disconnect switches
  • Standard bird screen
  • 1 year Fan Warranty
  • 3 year Motor Warranty


  • Special spinning process creates outer wind bands that are more rigid than other manufactures, reducing possible damage
  • Standard bird screen to keep unwanted pests out
  • The use of heavy duty drives and hardware guarantee these fans will provide years of reliable performance
  • Oversized breather tube and special cooling fins on the blower wheels draw air into the weather proof motor housing and keep the motor cool and clean
  • Best fan warranty in the industry. These fans carry a 1 year fan and a 3 year motor warranty

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