• The XIR the fans are direct drive fans with forward curved wheels for low sound levels and high efficiency. All XIR fans are constructed with galvanized steel housings with pre-punched electrical knockouts, round airflow outlets and back draft dampers. Mounting and servicing the XIR fans are made easy with adjustable mounting brackets, electrical disconnect plugs, removable power assemblies and service access panels. XIR fans are suitable for most all clean air applications such as bathrooms, storage rooms, meeting rooms, or offices. The XIR fans carry a 3-year warranty and boast the broadest performance ranges in the industry.

  • Galvanized steel housings
  • Pre-punched electrical knockouts
  • Electrical disconnects
  • Removable power assemblies
  • Quite and efficient forward curved blower wheels
  • Removable access panels
  • 3-year warranty


  • Quick and easy install with adjustable mounting hardware
  • Safe and convenient servicing and install with electrical disconnects and removable power assemblies
  • Quite and efficient operation
  • All XIR fan motors can be used with speed controllers
  • Large electrical junction boxes for easier wiring

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