• Larkin Industries Utility Distribution System (UDS) is a factory built unit constructed of 16-gauge stainless steel. It is designed to provide safe, fast and flexible utility connections to the cooking equipment in a pre-engineered unit. The UDS is an effective alternative to contractor built utilities in walls and offers future flexibility with out costly modifications.

  • 16 gauge 304 stainless steel construction
  • Wall or island style systems are available depending on kitchen layout
  • UDS units are built in a minimum length of 8 feet and can be as long as needed
  • Standard unit width is 12 inches
  • Standard riser length is 24 inches with 18 or 30 inch options available depending on utilities selected
  • Convenience receptacles are provided at the end of each riser
  • Field joints bolt together with stainless steel pedestal on the chase for long units or if specified
  • Filler panels Provided to finish area between hoods and utility distribution system for a more professional and finished look


  • Factory built unit saves time on construction and installation of utilities
  • Offers flexibility for cooking line-up equipment changes with minimal cost
  • Provides a single point connection for all required utilities
  • Safe, convenient and professional concealment of utility connections






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