• NFPA 96 welded rectangular ductwork, fittings, transitions, and pant legs are available. Either stand-alone pieces or an entire kitchen grease duct system including: grease duct, fittings, transitions, fire wrap (Pyroscat), access doors, and all duct wrap accessories can be shipped with a kitchen ventilation system directly to your job site.

  • Grease duct is built in accordance with NFPA 96
  • Shipped in one system with kitchen hoods and fans
  • UL listed and ASTME tested zero clearance to combustible duct wrap system
  • Wrap system is manufactured by Thermal Ceramics, inc. the industry leader in insulation products


  • One complete system is delivered to the job site (saves time and money)
  • All Duct Wrap, Access doors, and needed accessories arrive from one source with the kitchen ventilation system
  • UL listed wrap system and UL listed factory built access doors saves time on inspections

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